Sustainability in Hoya de Cadenas Estate

Its environment represents the essence of our wines. Framed in the Utiel-Requena Appellation of Origin, it is a great wine tourism showcase for the region throughout its 300 hectares of cultivated land.

Hoya de Cadenas reservas

We drive value of ours

At Bodegas Vicente Gandía, we are committed to promoting what is typical of our land. For this reason, we value the Bobal grape variety, native to the area, to promote wines made with this variety and make it known to the world, while supporting local farmers and their families.

Likewise, to support the promotion of this variety, we participate in programs with other agents in the sector, such as Ruta del Vino or Tierra Bobal, through which wine tourism associated with this type of grape is promoted. In short, it represents another commitment to publicizing and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of our environment.

Hoya de Cadenas reservas

We are certified

Hoya de Cadenas estate is certified with the S Tourism Sustainability mark, awarded by the Spanish Institute of Tourism Quality (ICTE). This certificate recognizes the monitoring, performance, compliance and effectiveness of the sustainability plan developed in, as well as its contribution to the SDGs.

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In addition, our Finca Hoya de Cadenas has SICTEC certification for wine tourism activity, a quality guarantee. This activity follows a responsible tourism model, attracting quality tourism that has a positive impact on the economic activity of the area.